Flash Casinos vs. Download Version

A Top Online Casino generally offers players the option to either download their casino software for free, or to play at their Instant Play Flash version of the casino. Some players aren't also sure what the real difference is between the two types of casinos and so they don't know which option to go with! Both download casinos and Flash Casinos are fundamentally great but there are a couple of differences that set them apart.

Before you decide on which version of a casino to play you should take your circumstances into consideration. if you are playing on a public computer, such as at an internet café or your work computer, then it is advised that you choose a Flash Casino. People are not allowed to download software to a public computer and most companies also have policies that prevent employees from downloading files to their work computers. Another reason to choose a Flash Casino is if you play at multiple Online Casinos. The reason for this is that downloading every casino that you play at could slow down your computer speed a bit. Flash Casinos offer great mobility and flexibility, although the one downside is that they do not offer the entire game selection compared to the download version. That said, the game selection is still very decent with loads of games in each category to choose from.

Red Flush Online Casino is a top Microgaming casino with one of the best Instant Play Flash Casinos out there. The game selection is incredible and players still have access to all of the same perks and benefits of the download casino. If you have got your own personal computer and you enjoy playing at a particular casino, then downloading the software is the option to go with. Although you still need to go online to "connect" to the casino, all of the games will already be downloaded to your computer, which means you will use less bandwidth when playing this way and you don't have to wait for games to load first. Both download casinos and Flash Casinos are great and it basically just comes down to which option will suit you best.

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