About Progressive Jackpots

Many online casinos have begun offering huge progressive jackpots for an extra side bet on many of their traditional games. Players who are unfamiliar with the concept may wonder how such jackpots get so big and what they can do to get in on the action.

Funding the Pot

Progressive jackpots work in conjunction and alongside most traditional casino games, and can actually be included with practically any game. Players who want to buy into the pot usually place a small bet along with their traditional bet. This side bet gets put into a large fund with everyone else who has ever bought into the jackpot. These funds add up over many players and many days, growing larger than most other jackpots could ever hope to grow. Only when very specific, unique, and rare conditions are met does anyone win the progressive jackpot.

Winning the Pot

What the conditions are for winning the progressive jackpot can be quite elusive. Many progressive pots have odds that can exceed twenty million to one, so the chances of winning are very rare indeed. However, people have been known to achieve the impossible. For instance, a poker game may set a progressive pot for a $1 side bet, in which the winner wins the pot for successive and increasing pairs across multiple hands. The first hand would have a pair of twos, the next a pair of threes, the next a pair of fours and so on. Each pair that is matched gets a larger portion of the progressive jackpot until the whole pot is won.

Progressive jackpots are seemingly impossible to win in many occasions, but with such low buy-ins, they are still quite popular with players at online casinos. When the potential payout is many millions of dollars and the buy in is only a dollar, anyone could be tempted to join the fun.